UI, UX & Prototype For:
Custom-designed UI & UX for a user-friendly and intuitive interaction between hotel guests and an AI service robot. Designed for a diverse audience of children to adults from different social and cultural backgrounds.

The Project 

RAS Robotics, a computer software company that develops autonomous, AI-based service robots, needed help creating user-friendly UI and UX for a robot operating in hotels.

The user interface needed to be clean, clear, and easy to navigate for ease of communication and access to information for hotel guests. The interaction experience between the robot and people also needed to be comfortable, smooth, and intuitive.

The Challenge

For an autonomous robot able to move independently around the hotel, the UI & UX needed to be carefully designed with the right combination of voice, visual, and spatial awareness elements so the robot could determine how far away the person is, how high or low the volume should be, and the right visual effects to attract the person’s attention from a distance away compared to when they are standing within close proximity. 

The Outcome 

In collaboration with Studio Primak, using a thoughtfully designed series of elements which included colours, typography, button designs, voice interface, and animation, I crafted a friendly and warm persona for the robot which created a comfortable and delightful interaction experience for a diverse audience group ranging from children to adults of different social and cultural backgrounds. It also helped to circumvent any awkwardness or fear of dealing with robots (robophobia). 


“I had the pleasure of working with Itamar on a few of our highest priority projects. He was able to quickly familiarize himself with the challenges at hand and produced conceptual UX and UI designs that not only met the demands but even exceeded expectations.

Itamar has been a great co-creator with both a positive attitude and openness for feedback, as well as his ability to get the job done on time.” 

Yaniv Primak, Founder & Director, primak

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