A prototype of an AR mobile app concept that takes users on an AR-guided tour of Bauhaus buildings, creating an enriching museum-like experience accessible on any mobile device. 

The Project 

I designed and prototyped an Augmented Reality (AR) mobile app concept in honour of the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus: one of the most influential art and design schools of the 20th century.

Bauhaus ushered in a truly modern way of thinking about arts and crafts, the public realm, urbanism, and the union of form and function. It felt like the perfect way to pay homage to this revolutionary movement by creating an AR mobile app that would enrich the way we experience historical Bauhaus buildings. 

AR enhances our physical world by adding layers of digital information into the existing environment around us in the form of audio, video, graphics, and text, allowing us to better appreciate and understand what we’re looking at.

Using 3D models and text overlays, the app takes the visitor on an AR-guided tour of Bauhaus buildings, creating an enriching museum-like experience accessible on any mobile device. 

The Challenge

It was important to understand the relationship between the user, his or her surrounding, the device, and the interface, to produce the right visual effect and overall experience. Establishing the right balance between distance, angle, and posture of the user was also a critical factor in achieving accessible ergonomics for a comfortable viewing experience. 

These factors were key towards optimal human-computer interaction (HCI) for a more meaningful way to experience the significant milestones and historical facts about the movement.

Text Too High

❌ Great effort on the hands muscles
❌ The text hides the virtual object

Text Parallel To The Floor

❌ Great effort on the shoulders and neck
❌ Prevents simultaneous viewing with the virtual object

Text In Body Height And Parallel

❌ The bottom of the text is further away from the eye

Text In Body Height And at 45 Degrees

👌🏽The sweet spot

The Outcome 

As demonstrated in the video, my prototype generates 3D models of key visual elements of Bauhaus such as the Bauhaus School Building in Dessau, the Bauhaus logo, and an abstract painting by Wassily Kandinsky, a Russian painter and art theorist. The text overlays provide interesting facts about each visual element to create a realistic and immersive experience.
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