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Simplified and optimized Orchestra’s cybersecurity platform with a series of UI & UX enhancements specifically designed for CEOs and data analysts. 

The Project 

Orchestra’s cybersecurity system is used in situation rooms of critical infrastructures like major international airports and large institutions that can't afford to be exposed to attacks or threats that might jeopardize their operations and processes.

The initial system was however built by software engineers without considering the end-user’s perspective and needs, as such, it needed to be redesigned for its two main target users: CEOs and data analysts.

The Challenge

Cybersecurity is extremely complex with big data from millions of different inputs constantly changing the interface.

For it to be effective, the system needed to be able to clearly present the big picture to users while allowing them to easily access different types of information and zoom in on specific data or areas of concern. 
The design before the project begins
Executive View

The Outcome 

In collaboration with Studio Primak, I simplified and optimized Orchestra’s cybersecurity platform with a series of UI & UX enhancements.

Firstly, a dashboard specially designed for CEOs, providing them with a quick and clear overview of the organisation’s security status, highlighting potential threats and problems, and the relevant information for them to make real-time decisions. The easy navigation between screens also provided better access to specific data.
Secondly, an advanced sorting and filtering mechanism using distinctive colours, a streamlined information architecture, and refined grouping of elements with similar characteristics, provided data analysts with a more efficient system and ultimately better control over the organisation’s state of security.

These design enhancements ultimately led to the company’s success in raising $7.5 million in Series A financing.
Compare and unite similar structures to maintain order in the system.
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