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A trailblazing Design leader, who has championed intuitive user experience solutions throughout a decade-long career in crafting design products for consumer-centric brands.

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Design Strategy

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Ras Robotics

Custom-designed UI & UX for a user-friendly and intuitive interaction between hotel guests and an AI service robot. Designed for a diverse audience of children to adults from different social and cultural backgrounds.


Custom-designed UI & UX for a user-friendly and intuitive interaction between hotel guests and an AI service robot.

Screen and Voice Interface

The human-machine interaction (HMI), screen and voice interface features specially designed to circumvent awkwardness or fear of dealing with robots (robophobia).

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Haressing UX to Save Life


Improved UI & UX for the client’s state-of-the-art diagnostic system, designed to create an optimal working environment that helps surgeons perform the angiogram procedure more efficiently with faster and more accurate decision-making. 

Real Time Decision-Making

Enabling surgeons to perform the angiogram procedure more efficiently with faster and more accurate decision-making.

Company’s Success

CathWorks raising $30 million in Series C funding and subsequently winning the approval of Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare. 

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“I had the pleasure of working with Itamar on a few of our highest priority projects. He was able to quickly familiarize himself with the challenges at hand and produced conceptual UX and UI designs that not only met the demands but even exceeded expectations.

Itamar has been a great co-creator with both a positive attitude and openness for feedback, as well as his ability to get the job done on time.” 

Yaniv Primak, Founder & Director, primak

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Handling Millions of Data Points


Simplified and optimized Orchestra’s cybersecurity platform with a series of UI & UX enhancements specifically designed for CEOs and data analysts. 

Company’s Success

These design enhancements ultimately led to the company’s success in raising $7.5 million in Series A financing.

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expanding the physical world

Augmented Reality

A prototype of an AR mobile app concept that takes users on an AR-guided tour, creating an enriching experience accessible on any mobile device. 

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Carefully Crafted


A custom-designed fully responsive website with minimalist typography and colours, intriguing imagery, and clean and simple iconography illustrating complex technological concepts.

“Itamar is a true professional. His devotion to quality and delivery was invaluable towards completing our project.”
Alon Ben Arie
CEO & Co-founde
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Beautifully Designed

Superior Magazine

Created visually distinctive magazine designs on print, phone, and tablet while maintaining uniformity for brand recognition and a genuine magazine reading experience across all mediums.

“I am enthused and impressed by how Itamar chooses simplicity over complexity and keeps the design interesting, appealing, and accessible.” 
Tom Felber
Publisher & Managing Partner
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Owner of studio Inbar

Itamar Inbar

"I design and craft experiences that empower people in their daily life."
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A Berlin-based Problem-Solving Designer with 10 years of experience specialising in intuitive user experience for innovative products. I craft design solutions that help brands achieve their business goals while optimising the end-user’s product experience. I’ve led creative teams and managed complex projects while charting the most effective product strategy for the brand and its target audience.

Coming from a background of conceptual and experimental art, I enjoy the process of visualising the final result and the creative journey towards realising it. A curious person by nature, I’m most inspired when researching new innovations and studying user habits, experimenting with possibilities, and seeing how users interact with, experience, and interpret my creations.

But above all, I love helping brands understand their users and crafting exceptional user experiences that provide practical solutions. I’m constantly on the lookout for new challenges and collaboration opportunities. 


Solving problems by using Design Thinking

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